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Trimen combines strategy and service

Part of our company’s stewardship goal is taking care of the communities in which we live and work. Trimen has provided a great example of how to be good stewards of our resources while working towards our company goals. And they demonstrated their heart to serve in the process!
After a recent managers’ strategic planning meeting, Paul Cesario, Trimen President, wanted to include the whole office in a discussion about goals and direction as well as discuss the recent employee survey results. Since they were going to be getting together, Paul wanted to take the opportunity to do some team building as well. He bought seven kids’ bikes and split the 35 attendees into seven groups to build them. The groups had to work together to follow instructions and assemble the bikes. 
The employees thought building the bikes was the end of the day, but Paul had also arranged with a local community organization, the Albion Neighbourhood Services Boys and Girls Club, for seven kids (ages 7-9), to receive the bikes at the event.
The kids were amazed at the generosity that would allow them to have a bike. Most of them had never had their own bike and didn’t know how to ride, and some could barely fathom the gift. One girl was heard saying, “This is a really nice bike. I wish I had a bike like this.” It must have been a joy to explain that the bike was hers! Another boy was heard asking, “Is this mine? Do I get to keep this?” He did indeed get to keep it!
Paul said, “We have the toughest of the tough in our company,” but in this moment, “you could really see them change. The feeling that it gives you—you just can’t describe it.” He continued, “When you put people in those situations, it helps take the corporate business side out of it, to realize we're all the same when you really look at it. When you have everybody in that environment, you see the real person come out. Everybody drops their guard and sheds a tear or a smile, and it creates a family environment.”
Traci Dunn, Administrative Assistant, said nearly everyone teared up at the event, and the bikes were the highlight of the day. She echoed Paul’s sentiment of the value of the experience: “It’s really important to make sure we’re working together instead of against each other, and a lot of the things we did that day were geared toward that goal. Plus it’s fun to get out of the office and work with people you wouldn’t usually work with.” 
While the true purpose of the event was to develop a plan for the company, the highlight of the day for all involved was the opportunity to work as a team and serve the community. And in case you were concerned, a local bike shop checked over the bikes before they were given to the kids, and all the kids received a helmet with strict instructions about wearing it!
Paul said “everyone was renewed” by the experience, and he’s inspired to try to outdo the experience. He and his team are now planning similar service events at least twice a year.
The bicycles and the assemblers