Summary of Services

Trimen has the most technically advanced and knowledgeable service technicians in the industry. Great pride is taken to deliver the right products but also maintaining them to their utmost performance.Trimen provides preventative maintenance packages to ensure your equipment is finely tuned to handle years of extensive use. For most Trimen clients regular scheduled maintenance is provided along with a 24/7 product repair or exchange service, right across the country. Plus, the Trimen Guarantee assures you of the best backed products in the business.


While others may allude to the fact that they can provide total solutions for your needs, at Trimen total solutions are a fact. We are the designer. We are the manufacturer. We are the service and installations experts. We provide the highest level of quality from our stainless steel products to our millwork. In fact, our reputation is so strong most of Canada’s Top 100 Food Service Companies already rely on Trimen.


We in-source instead of out-source. Trimen has all your solutions under one roof to provide a true Single Source Solution experience.

Contact us if you need our services. We will be glad to help. 1-877-437-1422